∼Sophie PrzychodnyDocumentary FilmMaker + Journalist
Sophie, co-owner of Nouvelle Vague Productions, started working in the industry in 2004 as a journalist.Since then, she has directed over a hundred reports and documentaries. The one investigation of many that Sophie dived into, "Enfants Jetables" ("Disposable Children"), brought her to the rank of one of the six finalist directors at the Albert Londres Prize in 2016. From 2016 to 2021, she was the head of a press agency involving her full editorial responsibility for all the stories, reports, and documentaries.Today, she happily has the freedom of using her 20 years of experience and strong relationships with TV channels to choose and direct the topics close to her heart, a filmmaker with always the same passion for people and travel.
⸻ Sophie Przychodny
∼Charlotte FonneDocumentary Producer + Film Editor
Charlotte, co-owner of Nouvelle Productions, began her career in 1998 as a movie and TV trailer editor for French TV channels such as TF1 and Canal+.In 2012, she moved to the United States and started editing documentaries of all lengths. Ten years later, Charlotte has completed uncountable final cuts. She met Sophie in 2016 and had the privilege to edit her documentary "Enfants Jetables" (“Disposable Children"), which was selected to be one of the six finalists for the Albert Londres Prize.A freelancer all her life, she has been able to take on production jobs; her organizational skills eased her success and allowed her to diversify her activity. With a wild network in Miami, Charlotte is now Nouvelle Vague's producer, but editing was never forgotten: assembling footage for a great story is always a project she is enthusiastic to take on.
⸻ Charlotte Fonne