— Based in Miami USA —

 Who we are

Sophie Przychodny and Charlotte Fonne founded Nouvelle Vague Productions in 2021. After 7 years of working together and completing numerous documentaries for several French TV channels, they decided to partner and open their own company. Based in Miami where they both live, they are immersed in American society, yet they also travel the globe with a never-ending appeal for foreign cultures and stories. From mainstream programs to independent documentaries, they deliver premium content with the respect of the people they film and the ones watching. Passionate, they are driven by their need to always discover more, understand better, and relate properly.
⸻ Sophie Przychodny & Charlotte Fonne

 What we do

Nouvelle Vague Productions produces reports and documentaries. From societal issues to extraordinary daily lives, we explore the world with the desire to convey and share stories. We create segments and long-length films to make voices heard, witness the world, inform, pass on emotions, create wonder, provoke questioning, light up the darkness, expose brightness, and make people act. With long-term relationships with French TV production companies, we also conduct shooting missions for their projects, co-produce, and offer executive production services in Miami and the United States.
We are storytellers ⸻

 Why we do it

Our films are made of devotion, investigations, beautiful encounters, and uncountable kilometers. When people speak, we fulfill our aspiration to understand Human beings.When the planet becomes a character, we realize its beauty.
⸻ Each story deserves a voice

 Our latest documentaries & collabs